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Have you found the job of your dreams with ParaEmpleo? Or have you found on ParaEmpleo the people with precisely the qualifications you were looking for a long time? Then you have made the same experience as countless other users of ParaEmpleo. You will find a sample of success stories on this page. Please share your success with ParaEmpleo, we happily join your joy. So do the other users.


As a chef, it's not always easy to find a job with the right fit - many offers require a great deal of travel time for limited work. When you search with ParaEmpleo, you specify the criteria important to you, and the resulting matches are exactly what you need. Shortly after signing up with ParaEmpleo, I had a match. After a brief interviewing period, I received a first class job offer. As I prepared my job, I was able to turn to a competent support team with the questions that came up. I received tips and suggestions to improve my Job quickly, usually within the same day. I can only say “thank you” ParaEmpleo.

Emilio, from San Pedro.
My dream has always been to work in medicine, so after my compulsory schooling I decided to train as a nurse. After my training I worked fro two years at Luz y Vida Hospital in Ciudad del Este. During this time I married and got pregnant. Since i wanted to be home for my daughter, I could only work part-time. However, the Hospital could not Keep me as an employee under These circumstances. That's why I started teaching Spanish to foreign children. Although I enjoyed it, after 10 years, I realized that I wanted to go back to working in medicine. However, I was concerned that I might have lost experience and skills during that time, as I was out of the medical world for a long time. I had nothing to worry about, as ParaEmpleo gave me the opportunity to introduce very clear criteria: the tool even offers you various suggestions to try out in case your first criteria are not successful. I didn't give up. Thanks to the extreme precision of the matching tool I found the job offer of the doctor's office I am currently working for. Looks like he had just the skills they were looking for. Instead, I can be there for my daughter, because they offer me flexible work schedules.

Valeria, from Ciudad del Este.
Five years ago I lived and worked as an accountant in London. Then I met my current boyfriend who is a journalist. The newspaper he worked for offered him a job in Paraguay, which also gave him opportunities for promotion. So he took the job and moved to the South American country. At first we had a long-distance relationship, but I followed him quickly. Of course I had to look for a new job in Paraguay, which was not very easy because I didn't speak Spanish well. So I first used ParaEmpleo to find a Spanish teacher to help me develop my skills, and then to find an accounting position within a large national organization in Paraguay. ParaEmpleo offers a wide range of possibilities, not only to find a job among a wide range of offers, but also to offer jobs to other people in particular. It's easy to use, although I received a little help from ParaEmpleo technical support, and there are many interesting FAQs and tips that can be consulted to make jobs more accurate. It turns out I had even more skills than the company was looking for!

Marina, from London
I studied Forestry Engineering at the National University of Asuncion because I have always been interested in the forestry sector, and also because agriculture is also a very important economic engine in Paraguay. During my last semester I was already actively involved with my professional future and was looking for job opportunities. I heard about ParaEmpleo from a fellow student of mine who had received a brochure showing the advantages of the tool. In fact, companies registered with ParaEmpleo are always looking for university graduates for interesting positions. So they come into contact with a student even though they may not have finished their studies. He convinced me immediately and I decided to use ParaEmpleo as well. ParaEmpleo's technical support was a great help in creating my profile: I must admit I was a little confused because I didn't know how to describe exactly what I learned in my studies, but with their help I learned the most effective keywords to use. I received a request for a contact from a company that offers interesting jobs in agriculture after a short time. ParaEmpleo is really such a diverse and essential tool, yet so cost-effective!

Thanks ParaEmpleo!!

Miguel, de Asunción
Since my apprenticeship I have worked in the same company as an administrative assistant in an insurance agency. I wasn't even looking for a new job because I was happy with the old one. I had been profiled by LinkedIn, and one of my contacts there told me about ParaEmpleo, so I got a profile just out of curiosity. The tool is so accurate that it makes you think deeply about your actual skills and experience. In fact, I never realized how much experience I have in the insurance industry, so I could also take a leadership position. I was very surprised when a company contacted me and offered me a job as a department head. Thanks to the great matching scale I could see how well my job expectations fit with the company in question. It was too good an opportunity to let her go.

Pablo, from Concepción.
The costs of recruiting new staff for a small carpenter's shop like ours can be prohibitive, so when we learned about ParaEmpleo's cost efficiency we decided to try it. But ParaEmpleo not only saved us money on expensive job advertisements, it also saved us a lot of time: we no longer had to read a lot of CVs that usually come in a multitude of different formats and styles, as the matching function is really clear and we found a carpenter with impressive experience and the complementary skills we were looking for. Since we found him we have also been able to add another cabinetmaker and an administrative employee to our team.

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