Short portrait of ParaEmpleo

In Mai 2016, the programme PAIL (Programa de Apoyo a la Inserción Laboral – PAIL (PR-L1066)) contracted SIPAIL (Sistema de Information del Programa de Apoyo a la Inserción Laboral) consulting services to SIPAIL’s execution strategy.

In order to achieve the objectives proposed in the PAIL project, it is necessary to have a system that supports its operation, which includes elements of information technology, management processes and people to ensure the proper functioning of the system as a whole.


For this purpose, in the construction of the Information System of the Program to Support Labour Market Insertion (SIPAIL), as well as those of other institutions, which have a close relationship in the formation, should be taken into account. The regulation and evaluation of labour market policies, which consider areas that should interact for employment management such as labour intermediation, training provided by the SNPP and SINAFOCAL and social security coverage for people to be inserted into the labour market, among other institutions.


ParaEmpleo is a part of the project SIPAIL, which serves the purpose of substituting another ongoing project of PAIL called “Puede Más”.


The ParaEmpleo initiative has been introduced by the Minister of Labour, Mr. Guillermo Sosa, on February 21 to strengthen the search for jobs in Paraguay and is planned to be launched in July 2018. The Job Matching Platform is the result of hard co-operative work by and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) under a loan agreement with the Republic of Paraguay.

For whom is ParaEmpleo and what are the reasons and benefits of signing up?

ParaEmpleo is an initiative that is literally for everyone in Paraguay. Not only people searching for a job should be registered and use the platform actively, but also the following groups: 


• Students who are seeking a job after graduating, students who are looking for vocational training or an apprenticeship that allows them to work and study at the same time

• People who are looking for their first job or people who already have one but do not want to miss any further career opportunities

• Companies, authorities and public institutions that are offering jobs and looking for skilled employees

• Universities and other educational institutions that orient their study offers according to what is required in the real workplace environment


The benefit of having all job offers, job seekers and everything that is involved in the labour market on one single platform is enormous. As the mutual search is practical and well thought through. Not only people who are looking for a job, but also companies can use it. The platform is user-friendly, even for people who have limited or no extensive computer knowledge, as well as accurate with an interactive approach that enables everyone to enter all necessary information in a few clicks, thus saving a lot of time that allows both parties to find each other in the simplest possible way.


What does ParaEmpleo and what is its purpose?

Through this new web platform, wants to offer the most advanced technology for job matching, for improving employment opportunities for everyone on every level that uses a different, non-discriminatory approach. The objective is to create a unique platform on which all the country’s job ads are placed and to thereby lower unemployment rates generally. Thus, people will have access to great job opportunities according to their capabilities and skills and companies will be able to find the perfect candidate for specific roles.


Advantages & Opportunities